Places To Stay While RVing

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Places To Stay While RVing

The RV lifestyle comes in so many different flavors, and the type of RV and where you stay has a big impact on the overall experience. One size fits all definitely does NOT apply when it comes to RVing!

Knowing a little bit about your options when it comes to places to stay helps tremendously in planning the type of vacation or experience you want to have. Below are some of the most common choices for places to stay while RVing on the way and at your final destination!

Work Campers 

Not to be confused with campers that are working, work campers are a win/win for campgrounds and campers alike. Essentially it’s putting time into doing tasks for the campground, often in exchange for free camping or a small wage. Many offer additional compensation for camp hosts.

  • Great place to stay free while being active and putting in some work.
  • This can be great for seasonal stays and snowbirds.
  • Most RVers can do this as a source of supplemental income while on a fixed retirement and not a full time, paying job.

Parking Lots, Rest Stops, Truck Stops

Parking lots, rest stops and truck stops can be great spots to rest and resupply at the end of a long drive so you’re ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at your final destination. Rest stops can be convenient for pulling off for the night when you become tired. If you’re looking for some great tasting food, you’ll often find it at a truck stop. As RVs are built larger and larger over the years, truck stops have become excellent ways for large RVs to easily fill up at the pumps.

  • Most parking lots are one night only and self-sustained energy. Be low key and respectful of any posted rules.
  • To say thanks, make sure you stock up on supplies or fuel
  • Check to make sure it’s allowed, as each area is different.
  • Great for one night to sleep when tired.
  • Some lots and stops have security.
  • At truck stops you’ll find all kinds of entertainment forincluding casinos, movie theaters, and they often have incredible food.
  • Some truck stops and rest stops have dump stations.
  • These spots come in handy when traveling long distances and you’re too tired to continue driving. Rest up and hit the road again. It’s not worth the risk of driving tired.

BLM Land Dry Camping

Many people feel that dry camping on BLM Land is the ultimate RV adventure. It’s a way to bring the conveniences of home out into remote wilderness locations!

  • All taxpayers own the land so it’s FREE to stay in most areas. A few areas may have small fees
  • No hookups.
  • Check how long you can stay at that area, typically 14-21 days.
  • Often in VERY scenic and secluded areas.

Yamping (Yard Camping)

People are finding that a great way to visit family and friends more often is to head over for a Yamping trip! This usually involves visiting for long weekends, which allows families a comfortable place to stay without the cost and inconvenience of a hotel.

  • Fantastic way to visit friends and family at low cost.
  • Great for a few nights but make sure you’re appreciative and help out in some way.
  • Check local ordinances to make sure it’s allowed.
  • Most won’t have hookups.


This has to be one of the coolest benefits of RVing. Whatever type of activities or hobbies you enjoy, you can fully immerse yourself into that event or experience. For example, if you’ve always wanted to watch a race in person, go there and camp at the event for the weekend. You might even get to mingle with the racers and the crew. There’s no limit to the type of experiences that can be had with the technology and mobility of RVs today!

  • Races, concerts, meetups, etc. They have events all over the country for virtually all interest/hobbies.
  • Fun groups of friends, family and like-minded people.
  • Some have hookups but most are going to be dry camping.

State, County and National Parks 

There’s a reason parks have been preserved. The beauty of some of the areas in the State, County and National Parks will literally take your breath away. They’ve also never before been so accessible for us to enjoy.

  • Jaw dropping beauty often with million dollar views.
  • Can be pricey.
  • Usually just water and electric hookups.
  • Keep in mind popular places in peak season will need advance planning and reservations.
  • Many parks were built prior to 40+ ft RVs. You may have a challenge fitting a larger RV.

RV Parks and Resorts

When thinking about an RV park or resort it’s critical to know what’s most important to you. We typically look at our top 3 RV needs. They’re different for everyone, but for us they’re full hookups, cell phone service (to work), and the top attractions that can be done on a day trip.

  • At RV parks, there is a huge variety in the types of experiences offered. Some are spacious in the middle of a serene location; others will be glorified parking lots in metro areas.
  • Most have full hookups.
  • Some of the resorts have incredible amenities and offer a luxury experience for their guests.
  • Memberships like the Thousand Trails can be great money savers for full timers.
  • Many are dog friendly.
  • Some RV Parks have become close knit friends with seasonal campers enjoying community activities.

Now that you’ve got the lowdown on where to go, go RVing!!! If you have any tips on where to stay that you think are helpful please share in the comments below.

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