Ten Apps Every RVer Should Have

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Ten Apps Every RVer Should Have

RoadTrippers (free)

This is the ultimate road trip app and should be the first thing you download before you pull out of your driveway. Forget the beaten path – RoadTrippers blazes a new one. This app leads you away from chain restaurants to the ones the locals really love. You can sort by popular, quick lunch, sit down lunch, things to do, shop and fuel up. You’ll also be surprised to find some quirkier spots to visit. We’re planning a trip to Key Largo this winter and just found out that we can check out the African Queen (the boat from the movie with Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn) while there.

FLIPP (free)

I’m a Bargain Betty, so in the past when we were on the road it would drive me crazy that I didn’t have access to my local flyers. All that changed with the FLIPP app. Now I just enter in the zip code of the campground we’re in and all the local flyers and sales come up. It also helps when I’m writing my grocery list by pointing out where specific food items, like steaks, are on sale. I also love its search option – it helps me find exactly what I’m looking for when I need it.

Gas Buddy (free)

I love my husband, but if there were ever a time I’d leave him it was along a stretch of highway through the mountains of West Virginia. He felt sure that we could push a little further and fill up with diesel just up the road­, and I disagreed. You know how this ends—he was wrong. Several hundreds of dollars, lost hours, two cold shoulders and a stink eye later and we were finally on our way. All of this is to say: download Gas Buddy. I think it’s a marriage saver. Added bonus: it also gives you best fuel prices in the area.

Trip Advisor (free)

If I want to find the best places to eat wherever the road takes us, I turn to Trip Advisor for honest reviews. Occasionally you have to filter out some of the more over-the-top assessments, but for the most part I’ve been very pleased with some of the fun places we’ve found. Trip Advisor also provides reviews on local attractions, beaches, State Parks, RV parks, and more. You can also leave reviews for those who haven’t visited yet – which makes this app indispensable for RVers.

Sanidumps + RV Dump Station Locator (free)

If you’ve ever driven down the road with a full black tank, you know how valuable this app can be. I don’t think there’s any need to elaborate.

Accuweather (free)

I think a weather app is a bit of a no-brainer, but you do want one that’s accurate and changes locale easily. Accuweather is fairly consistent in their forecasts and so it’s the one we rely on. It’s always good to know what’s heading your way so I particularly like the severe weather alerts.

Heads Up / Family Car Games (.99/$1.99)

Just like in a car, boredom can set in on longer road trips in an RV—particularly with children. We love Heads Up. Developed by Ellen DeGeneres, this game never fails to crack us up whether it’s along a long stretch on the I-95 or standing in line at an attraction. The only problem is that if my husband wants to play, he can’t when driving. That’s why I’m adding in Family Car Games as a bonus. This app has over 100 games, like A to Z Signs, Car Cricket, and Backwards Sayings, so your family will never be bored on the road again.

Walmart Overnight Parking Locator ($2.99)

Outside of Fort Wilderness, my girls’ favorite campground is Camp Walmart. I’m not even kidding. We’re always thankful when we find an RV friendly Walmart to rest our eyes when we can’t make it another mile. Some Walmart locations restrict RVs in the parking lot overnight, as we found out around 3am in Plattsburgh, New York. Since then, we’ve always made sure to ask a store manager if we can stay, BUT this app saves you the trouble. As always, don’t ruin it for others. Don’t dump even grey water in the parking lot and pick up any refuse.

Sleep Pillow Sounds ($2.29)

I sleep better in our RV than I do in my own bed, but the first two to three days of any long RV trip can be hard on your sleep rhythm. We’re often pulled over near a highway and that can be particularly loud – and being a light sleeper, I need something to help. Enter the wonderful Sleep Pillow Sounds app. This little gem plays ambient sounds to help difficult sleepers get to sleep in even the noisiest environments. No more getting to your destination dead tired.

Camp & RV -Tent Camping to RV Parks ($9.99)

This is one of the most highly rated apps on the market. What I love most about this app though is that data is accessible without service. Camp & RV allows you to search over 30,000 campgrounds in North America, plus read site reviews. As with Trip Advisor, you’re welcome to leave your own reviews. This app is the most expensive one you’ll download, but it also replaces some of the free ones I’ve listed above like Walmart Overnight Parking and Sanidumps – and it’s worth every penny.

Do you have any other great RVing apps to recommend?

Disclaimer: these program endorsements are the opinion of Candace Derickx, and not of Go RVing.

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