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RVers are some of the friendliest, most helpful people you will ever meet. Don’t be surprised if you pull into your site and your neighbor, whom you never met, is right there to assist and offer advice!
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10 of the Most Accessible Places to Visit in the U.S.

If you are looking for truly inclusive and wheelchair-accessible destinations, where you can unwind and fully enjoy everything, here are ten of the best places in the U.S. From accessible beaches to busy cities and unexpected gems, there is a destination for anyone on this list.

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Boondocking in Kanab, Utah

Most years, my family likes to head south to warmer, drier climes as the Montana winter lingers on. We often end up in southern Utah since we can drive there in a day and it’s likely to be dry, if not warm.

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Why I Loved RVing - A Guide to Accessible RV Options

RVing on the great American highway is something I’ve wanted to do for years, but I never imagined it would be possible because I use a motorized wheelchair. I’m unable to transfer to a regular seat in a vehicle and need to stay in my wheelchair, so RVing seemed out of reach for a while. However, thanks to more and more companies now making an effort to be inclusive, RVing has never been more wheelchair-friendly!

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Roadschooling Tool Kits

So you’ve heard a lot about this term “roadschooling“, and you’re interested in getting started but you have no clue if you have the tools to pull this off. You are certainly not alone and that’s where we hope to come to the rescue. We’re here to tell you that with a few essential tools you can jump in with both feet and feel confident in your quest to conquer roadschooling!

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Are You Ready for Boondocking?

When you forego the convenience of a traditional campground and set up your rig on public land without defined sites or hookups of any kind--then you are boondocking or camping off-grid. Many of today’s RV’s are very well suited for this type of camping but taking your RV off-grid requires a bit more preparation and planning than a typical trip to a campground.

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Packing Up at the Campground

When your camping trip comes to a close, be sure to leave your campsite better than you found it on arrival.

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6 Trip-Planning Apps for RVing

Setting out for unfamiliar territory on an RV trip is exhilarating and loads of fun, but it does require some advanced planning and preparation. How will you find the right campground for you and your rig? How can you find good stops along the way and places to refuel or pick up necessary supplies? While the best road trips do require a bit of homework, there are many great apps that can help make trip planning a breeze.

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6 Best Navigation Apps for RVing

There are many terrific apps that can help you navigate new highways. Aside from just offering maps, some robust navigation apps can even make your drive safer. Leave the spiral-bound truckers’ atlas behind and use one of these six recommended navigation apps.

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The Evening Routine and Prepping for the Next Day

What do you need to do to prep for your next day of adventure? Matt explains what to do the night before your next adventure and when to convert your sleeping areas and settle the family for the night.

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Morning Routine for Keeping you RV Tidy

Hopefully, you’ve unpacked everything you want easy access to and your RV is feeling like home. But, we don’t want to let our living space get overwhelmed with clothes, bedding, and everything we’ve brought with us.

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Systems Set-up for the First-Time RVer

After you have done your initial set up, how do you set up your electric and sewer lines? It's not as hard as it sounds and I'll show you how.

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What to Know Before Checking In at the Campground

Matt shares his tips on how to quickly get checked in at the campsite and talks to an expert about ways to make the process more seamless.

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Matt Light's How-Tos for First-Time RVers

Matt Light, former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots, is an enthusiastic and experienced RVer. Through a series of how-tos, he answers your questions about RVing for the first time and how to get started.

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Things to Consider when Planning your First RV Trip

Planning for an RVing camping trip can be a lot of fun. But before you head out, there are a few things to consider when planning your RV getaway.

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Camping 101 with Kids

So, your family has decided to go RV camping and maybe you’re not as psyched as they are? After all – this can’t be a real vacation, right?! Actually, it’s probably going to be one of the best vacations you’ve ever had! I’ve been camping my whole life so I have some great tips to share with you on how to make your camping trip an awesome adventure!