Attractions You Will Only See While On The Road

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Attractions You Will Only See While On The Road

When traveling in an RV, it can be tempting to linger after setting up camp. However, you will be far happier to venture out and see what the road ahead has to offer. Our New England trip was full of rainy days, so we were more than happy to get out of our campground and explore once we finally caught some sunshine. The amazing thing about seeing New England in an RV is that you can see so much and still make it back to camp in time for dinner. Another thing I love about New England is that you will find something historic everywhere you turn. If you are the co-pilot, be sure to keep an eye out for historic landmarks. There is history all around you!

The changing leaves and the cool crisp air go hand in hand during one of my favorite holidays − Halloween! While we were on our RV trip, I knew I wanted to see more than just leaves. I wanted to soak in that Halloween spirit that is so closely associated with New England. With that in mind, I knew there was one city in particular we had to visit… Salem. More than 250,000 people visit Salem during October and it’s no wonder with its infamous history and amazing attractions.

If you plan on visiting Salem in your RV, keep in mind that parking can be difficult. We ended up parking almost a mile away from all the action and had to do a lot of walking. A good idea would be to park your RV outside of town and take the train instead. Unfortunately, there are some places in New England where you won’t be able to easily drive your RV. For example, don’t plan on driving onto any covered bridges.

The first, and my personal favorite, stop on our trip was the Salem Witch Museum where you get a real look into the history of Salem. Everything you could possibly want to know about the witch trials and hysteria of 1692 is located there complete with lifelike mannequins. It will cost you about $10 per person to get in and it doesn’t have to be October for you to visit. The museum is open year round.

After the museum, we went over to the Salem Witch Trials Memorial to learn more about the trials and to get away from the crowds for a bit. It is an exceptional memorial in a really beautiful, peaceful place. It was great to relax for a minute and take in the New England beauty.

Once we were done with the museum and memorial, there was still plenty for us to do. The whole city was buzzing with Halloween fun including a carnival, psychic readings, and of course, haunted houses. No Halloween trip would be complete without a visit to a haunted house! There are a lot of them to choose from when visiting Salem, but we decided we would only have time for one and selected Count Orlok’s Nightmare Gallery. This was hands down one of the best haunted houses I have ever visited. It is part haunted house and part museum of creepy objects which makes it even more cool! If you are not looking to be spooked, you can visit just the collection part without the haunted house. Either way, it is a must see attraction while in Salem.

You also don’t want to miss all the little shops along the way. They each have a unique flare and you will find one of a kind souvenirs. You might even want to get your fortune read! While visiting Salem, I really wanted to see something that was from one of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus. I asked some of the shop owners and they recommended “Cry Innocent,” a reenactment taking place in one of the movie’s locations. The reenactment did an amazing job portraying the Salem Witch Trials with the participation of the audience.

We started looking at restaurants as dinnertime rolled around, but most of them were pretty packed. We checked out food at the Salem Fair, but I didn’t feel like having my dinner consisting of 90% butter or sugar.

The best option was to head back to the RV for a homemade meal, so we said farewell to Salem and headed back to camp. I made us some yummy pepperoni pizza quesadillas (you can find the recipe here) and we chilled in the RV for a bit before heading to bed.

Before we left Salem, I watched tourists walk back to their hotels. It made me glad I had my RV where I could sleep on my own pillow with my own blankets (one of the many reasons I love traveling by RV). An RV feels like home and after a long day of sightseeing and Halloween fright, there’s nothing better than being home.

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Heather K.

Heather K.