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Matt Light's How-Tos for First-Time RVers

Matt Light, former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots, is an enthusiastic and experienced RVer. Through a series of how-tos, he answers your questions about RVing for the first time and how to get started.

Start Your Trip

The key to your first trip is planning but what all do you need to do? Matt Light, former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots shares his RV wisdom. 

Read about Matt's planning tools tips and access his packing list here.

Checking In

Matt shares his tips on how to quickly get checked in at the campsite and talks to an expert about ways to make the process more seamless.

Read Matt's complete list of tips for checking in here.

Initial Set-up 

What should you do when you first arrive at the campground? Matt shows us how he gets his campsite set up when he arrives.

For the first steps on how to get your RV properly positioned and set-up, click here.

Systems Setup 

Wondering how to get your electric and sewer lines hooked up? Matt Light demonstrates and explains the simple steps in this video.

For Matt's step by step guide on systems set-up, click here.

Morning Routine

There are some things that you should do before heading out for your day of fun. Matt explains how to plan your mornings so that you can get out and enjoy the day.

Read Matt's morning routine tips here.

Evening Routine

What do you need to do to prep for your next day of adventure? Matt explains what to do the night before your next adventure and when to convert your sleeping areas and settle the family for the night.

Read Matt's tips for an efficient evening routine that allows you to hit the ground running the next morning.

Black Water

It can be intimidating to empty your black water tank for the first time. Matt explains the process and shows how quick and easy it is to clear the black water and gray water tanks - it really only takes a couple of minutes!

Here are Matt's five simple steps to clearing the black and gray water tanks. 


When do you need to use propane? 

Read Matt's tips for using your propane tanks and how to prep them before and during your travel.

Four of Matt's FAQs

Matt shares some questions he regularly receives from new RVers and his tips to make the most of your RV trips.

Matt shares his best advice for new RVers and answers the FAQs he hears the most.

Leaving the Campground

Here are the things you should know before leaving the campground.

Matt Light Headshot

Retired NFL Player, New England Patriots

Matt Light, former offensive tackle for the New England Patriots is an enthusiastic RVer following his 11-year NFL career that included 5 Super Bowl appearances, 3 Super Bowl championships, and 3 trips to the Pro Bowl over the course of 11 seasons. He now spends his time running the Light Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to giving at-risk kids a better chance at leading healthy lives by using the great outdoors to learn and grow. The foundation provides them with opportunities to reach their highest potential and become mentors to their peers. The Light Foundation also provides academic scholarships to deserving young student leaders in Ohio and New England and gives kids opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise have to get outside and take on a challenge or to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.