Zach and Hannah's Story

A Day of Firsts

First trip with the dogs, first family fishing trip, first time riding a bike: the many firsts of a family unplugged.

Zach’s Tips on Fishing with Kids

Fishing on your own or with your buddies is a wholly different experience than fishing with your young children. The younger they are, the more patience you’ll need. There are many great lessons to teach while fishing such as how to be careful handling sharp hooks, how to be quiet, how to be patient, and even how to think like a fish.

  • Find a patch of grass or safe parking lot beforehand to teach your kids to cast. Grab a few markers, put them at different distances, and see if they can hit them. It’s a fun start and will get them focused and excited very quickly. I started with a spincast reel combo. They’re easy to use.
  • Choose your location based on the age/experience of your kids. Lazy Sunday vs. more difficult
  • Place a few small weights about three to five inches above the hook if your bait will be light, just to help keep it down.
  • I highly recommend using a bobber for the kids. It’s a great way to show them when fish are biting at the bait, and it gives them something to concentrate on.
  • Cheese chunks work great as bait. They’re inexpensive and good for teaching the kids. Keep the chunks in your small cooler so it stays firm.
  • Fish get startled easily; make sure your kids are quiet.
  • Once they get a fish on the line, they are going to get excited, so tell them to be easy with reeling it in or the line will snap. Wait it out, and reel in slowly.
  • I usually catch and release. If, however, I decide to bring the fish home, it’s imperative that I show the kids how to clean and filet them. It’s important for them to know where their food comes from. I promise you they’ll appreciate the life lesson.
Zach Guerra


Zach and Hannah Guerra
We got to sleep with a closeness to nature you wouldn’t normally get. It was amazing!
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Class C Motorhome
Class C Motorhome Cockpit and Bunk

Cockpit and Bunk

Class Cs use the cabin space above the cockpit as a loft bed.

Class C Motorhome Private Bedroom

Private bedroom

Class Cs are large enough to include a separate bedroom with a king or queen size bed, closet space, and additional storage.

class c bathroom

Full Bathroom

This type of RV is equipped with a full size dry bath with a toilet, sink, and shower or bath.

Class C Motorhome Living Area

Living area

The living area can be made larger with slide-outs for a roomy living, dining and kitchen area.


Class C Motorhomes

Built on an automotive van frame with a wider body section attached to the original cab, class C motorhomes are easily recognizable by the over-the-cab portion that is often an optional sleeping area.

  • Sleeps up to 8 people
  • Can tow another vehicle for side trips
  • Loft for extra sleeping space
  • Full-sized kitchen and bathroom
  • Storage