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About the Go RVing Program

What is Go RVing?

The Go RVing program is the consumer-facing voice of the RV industry with a mission to inspire potential RVers, spark curiosity and raise awareness about the benefits and accessibility of RVing through rich, authentic, and diverse storytelling. The national Go RVing campaign aims to educate consumers on the ease of incorporating RVing into activities they are already passionate about from camping, tailgating, vacationing, glamping, road tripping, and more. Go RVing’s message is simple: RVs are for everyone; they come in all sizes and price points and are enjoyed by millions of people with varying interests, diverse backgrounds and across generations. The national campaign provides a platform to amplify the voices of adventure campers, leisure campers, foodies, tailgaters, outdoor enthusiasts, families, digital nomads, and more, by empowering them to share their own RVing stories in their own words. Go RVing is both the brand and the call-to-action to explore the freedom, flexibility and fun of RV travel and the adventures that await.

More than two decades since the program began, Go RVing continues to be a marketing and consumer awareness thought-leader, introducing millions of Americans to the freedom of RV travel and building a desire and passion of the adventures that await.

Go RVing’s Inception

In 1994, a forward-thinking group of RV industry thought leaders conceived the idea of creating an all-industry campaign that united the three branches of the industry necessary for a positive consumer experience: RV manufacturers, RV dealers and campgrounds. Together they formed a coalition with the mission of growing the RV camping industry by educating the American public about the joys of RVing. The coalition named the program Go RVing, which also serves as a consumer call-to-action.

More than two decades later, with the support of the RV Industry Association and RV Dealers Association, Go RVing continues introduce Americans to the freedom of RV travel and continues to build a desire and passion of the adventures that await.

How the Go RVing Campaign is Supported

Go RVing is a partnership between the RV Industry Association and the RV Dealers Association and relies on both manufacturer members and dealer partners to provide support to grow the campaign and raise awareness of RVing.

A portion of all income generated from the purchase of RV Industry Association seals goes to support the Go RVing campaign. Every RV produced by a member manufacturer must display the association’s seal. This seal represents a member manufacturer’s self-certification of compliance to uniform RV standards across the industry.

The Go RVing Coalition, an advisory body with members representing the RV Industry Association, the RV Dealers Association and RV/camping associations, meets annually each June. The coalition is co-chaired by members representing both the RV Industry Association and RV Dealers Association.

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