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Class B Motorhomes

Camper Vans

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A perfect fit for solo travelers and couples

Class B motorhomes, also known as camper vans, feature all the conveniences of a furnished motorhome but are compact enough to make driving one as easy as your regular van or SUV. Scroll down to see more of the possible features and amenities.

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Class C Full Bathroom

Full Bathroom

Space is used efficiently in class B RVs and many have full wet or dry baths.

Class B Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics

Class Bs offer a kitchen, seating, bathroom and place to sleep.

Model Details:
Size 16-21 FT
Avg. Costs $100,000 - $150,000
Sleeps Up to 4
Class B Motorhome
Compact Luxury
Class B Motorhome
There are multiple configurations and finishes that range from ultra luxurious to the rugged essentials.
Interior of a Class B Motorhome
Class B Motorhome
It's easy to prepare a delicious meal quickly and easily with a kitchen at your fingertips.
Kitchen of a Class B Motorhome
Class B Motorhome
Shaded Outdoor Space
RVs are great but outdoor living is what it's all about. Extend the awning with the push of a button and enjoy being outside.
Camping beside a Class B Motorhome
Class B Motorhome
Easy Transformation
Couches easily convert into comfortable beds.
Bed inside a Class B Motorhome

Typical Features & Amenities

Nimble & easy to drive
Easy Parking
Sleeps 2-4
Shower and toilet
Entertainment System
  • Easy to maneuver, park, and drive, even in urban areas
  • Fully stand up inside the RV
  • Conveniences are standard including bathrooms, bed, dining and kitchen facilities as well as storage

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a special driver's license to drive a class B?

    For most RVs, all that is needed is a regular driver’s license which makes purchasing a Class B a great option. Driver’s license requirements vary by state so you should always check the specific regulations in your state. You should always check with your DMV for your state's regulations. 

  • Is there a separate bed in a Class B?

    Some class Bs have seating areas, such as a couch, that converts into a bed while others may utilize a Murphy bed, bunkhouse, regular bed or a descending loft when it's time to sleep.  

  • Do class B RVs have fully functioning bathrooms?

    Many class B RVs have a full bathroom with a shower and flushing toilet. There are some RVs that alternatively offer portable toilets.

  • Is there enough storage for my sporting equipment?

    Whether rock climbing, fishing, surfing, or biking, class B RVs offer enough storage to bring along you favorite sports equipment so that you can fully explore the outdoor activities while traveling. 

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