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RVing tips & inspiration

Inspiration can be easy to find and plentiful so we’ve taken the time to compile the top recommendations for you through personal experiences.

On the Road with RVers

Families That Kayak Together, Stay Together

Tommy, Polly, and their four boys are professional kayakers, navigating even the most difficult rapids in the USA. Tommy and Polly teach their kids that they can do whatever they put their minds to, whether it's on the river or in life.


On the Road with RVers

Turning Your Passion Into a Career

Ecologist, Charles Post, takes his work on the road with his wife Rachel and their dog Kinute. Charles bridges his love of the outdoors with his love of science, and uses his social influence to educate and inform people about wildlife.


On the Road with RVers

Transforming Trash into Treasure

Eco-artist Mariah Reading hits the road in a Class C RV to enjoy some hiking, kayaking, and to find inspiration for her next pieces of art.


On the Road with RVers

RV Road Trip Through California

Kit Williamson & John Halbach, the creators of EastSiders on Netflix, have driven across this country together a bunch of times, but this is their first time doing it in a motorhome. Follow along with them as they road trip up the Southern California coast, where the next adventure is just around the corner.


On the Road with RVers

Gourmet Forager

Viet Pham is a professional chef, winner of Iron Chef America vs. Bobby Flay, and owner of Pretty Bird Chicken. When Viet isn't taking the culinary world by storm, he enjoys getting out into nature in his RV, and foraging for ingredients to create beautiful, natural meals.

Mountain landscape

On the Road with RVers

Finding Your Original Voice

Singer and songwriter Melissa Fuller hits the road with her family. Her adventures and experiences inspire some of her most creative work.

Grandma's Park Model

On the Road with RVers

On the Road to Grandma's Campsite

The Gorman family pack up their class A and head up the California coast to visit grandma in her park model at the RV resort.

Kina and Airstream

On the Road with RVers

Nomad On Wheels

Kina Pickett, his wife, and two children travel across the country in their 1971 Airstream RV. An entrepreneur and photographer, Kina combines his creativity and love of outdoors in his businesses and everyday life.


On the Road with RVers

Fueling An Athlete

Lentine takes her love of cooking on the road, finding fresh ingredients to create meals that are both delicious and healthy to fuel her active lifestyle.

Thyree Moore

On the Road with RVers

From the City to the Great Outdoors

Tyree Moore takes his love for the outdoors to new heights by connecting people of color to outdoor activities beyond the city.

Annie at skate park

On the Road with RVers

Skating Across Colorado

Annie Guglie, originally from Montreal, Canada, started skateboarding in 2001 when she was 11 years old. Instead of skating in one spot, Annie takes her board on the road, travelling in her RV across Canada and the USA. She combines the excitement of professional skating with the peacefulness of the outdoors, made possible by the limitless capabilities of her RV. 

Salzbruns walking to ice house

On the Road with RVers

Ice Fishing in Minnesota

The Salzbrun family in Minnesota go ice fishing in their RV every chance they get. While the temperatures on the 2-foot-thick frozen lake were chilly, the atmosphere inside their Glacier House RV was a snug 72 degrees.

Latasha painting mountains

On the Road with RVers

Leaving the Studio Behind

Latasha Dunston goes RVing to chase the artistic side of exploration. She is an artist, nature lover, and naturalist in search of something more sublime than an adrenaline rush.

Editing music in RV

On the Road with RVers

Making Music on the Road

Griff Washburn, aka Goth Babe, lives the life we daydream about. He’s a musician, surfer, and climber, always seeking out the next big adventure. Rather than visiting a recording studio, Griff built one right into his RV, allowing him to enjoy his favorite outdoor activities while balancing his love for music.

Rafa Ortiz Big Timber_santinomartirano-37

On the Road with RVers

Whitewater Kayaking in Big Timber Creek

Professional whitewater kayaker Rafa Ortiz and his friends, Peter and Kevin, head to Big Timber Creek in Montana for a whitewater adventure. The group makes basecamp in their RV to study the lines and hazards in Montana’s Big Timber Creek, preparing for a cyclone of a waterfall drop.